William Wayland
William H. Weyland was born in Boonville, MO in 1857, the second child of
Louis and Katherine Weyland.  Like many of his brothers, William spent
much of his life living in Boonville and working in the carriage - building
trade.  On February 8, 1880, he married Miss Caroline Mueller, of Evansville,
Indiana.  For many years, Caroline worked in Boonville as a nurse/midwife.  
The Cooper County birth records of the period contain numerous entries,
listing Caroline as the midwife.  In the absence of a doctor, she often signed
the actual birth certificates herself, for many of Boonville's newest citizens.

William and Caroline had at least three children:  Walter, born in 1880,
Louis, born in 1886 and Arthur, born on Leap Year Day in 1892.  Most of
their modern descendants live in the Chicago area.  Caroline passed away in
July of 1931, in Moberly, Missouri.  The last piece of information we have for
William consists of an envelope and a letter that he wrote to his brother,
Louis F. Wayland, in Kansas.  The envelope was postmarked December 17,
1934.  At the time, William was living in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Their son Arthur was employed for a number of years by the New England Oil
Company at a facility located near the city of Tampico, on the Gulf Coast of
Mexico.  In 1919, both William and Caroline applied for U.S. passports and
traveled to Mexico, to visit their son.  We were able to track down their
passport applications and obtain their passport photo's.  These are the only
photo's of William and Caroline that we have.  The photo's were taken in
1919, when they were both aged 62.  We also found passport photo's of two
of their sons, Arthur and Walter, as well as for Walter's wife Ruby and their
daughter, Anita.  
William Wayland
Son Arthur Wayland
Walter's wife Ruby, with daughter, Anita
Anita in 1921
Son Walter Wayland
Caroline Wayland