This fabulous English-style "Tallyho" carriage was built at the Weyland carriage works in
Boonville, MO in 1910.  It was one of the finest coaches of its day and was drawn by a
team of four matched black horses.  It was custom-built for Mr. N. Nelson Leonard,
wealthy owner of the 3000-acre Ravenswood Estate, an antebellum plantation located just
a few miles outside Boonville.  Each of three seats could accommodate three passengers,
for a total of up to nine adults.

Ice chests placed beneath the seats kept food and drinks cold during day-long excursions
into the countryside.  In the photo above, Louis F. Weyland is second from the right.

During "Weylandfest 2006" three of the Weyland cousins paid a visit to Ravenswood and
discovered this magnificent carriage, moldering away in one of the estate's outbuildings.
The carriage as it looks today, at Ravenswood Plantation
Custom-built around 1910 for a wealthy woman in Kansas City,
MO, this Stanhope carriage was priced at several hundred
dollars and was considered the height of fashion in its day.   
A wicker basket held the
ladies' parasols.
A pair of large kerosene
headlamps lit the way at