Mollie Weyland
Mollie was born to Louis and Catherine Weyland in June of 1864.  She
was named Mary, but like nearly everyone in the Weyland household, she
had a nickname.  Even in legal documents, she always went by "Mollie".  
On Christmas Day, 1882, she married Samuel Tarpley.  

Their first child, Sam Jr. died before reaching adulthood.  Mollie also gave
birth to two girls:  Rhoda in 1884 and Kathryn in 1888.  We don't know
much about Mollie's life.  We do know that she lived to a ripe old age and
that she spent her last years living in southern California.  At some point
in time, she was widowed and later married a man named Mr. Delano.

We are lucky to have found a group of photo's taken of Mollie, the first in
1942 and others in 1943, when Mollie was 79.  She wrote a description
on the back of each photo, in her own hand.