Grave Stones
The Graves of Kenneth and Erna Weyland
Erna's Family
Erna's Father, Wilhelm Duchow
Like so many of the other Weyland men over the years,
Kenneth married a nice German girl.  Erna's parents,
Wilhelm and Minna Duchow, came to America from the
Prussian town of Kreckow, in Pomerania.  Erna's older
brother Paul had been born in Prussia.  She and her
younger brother, William were born here in America.  
Paul died young, at the age of 45, and was buried with his
parents in the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Milwaukee.  
Their grave stones, seen below, are located directly
behind the graves of Kenneth and Erna and are written in
Erna's mother, Minna Duchow
Erna's brother, Paul Duchow