From his earliest years as a businessman, Emmett Wayland had
been active in the civic affairs of Piedmont.  Throughout his life, he
gave generously of his time and money, involved himself in
numerous civic projects and even served as a member of the local
school board and the Piedmont Town Council.  

In 1925, in recognition of his many years of dedicated service to
the City of Piedmont, the State of Missouri (and the Republican
Party) Emmett was chosen by the Governor of Missouri to be a
member of his personal staff, with the rank of Colonel.  A facsimile
copy of the actual document of his appointment appears below,
signed by the Governor and witnessed by the Secretary Of State
for the State of Missouri.  Just below that, we have a photo of E.C.
Wayland wearing  the dress uniform of a Missouri Colonel.       
Col. Wayland in later life, shown in his
dress uniform as a Missouri Colonel