Interior of the Wayland mercantile store,
circa 1900
The Wayland mercantile store, circa 1900,
located on Main Street in Piedmont, MO.  
Colonel Wayland is seen leaning against
a post, in a rare moment of idleness.
Col. E.C. Wayland, as a young man.  Note
the striking blue eyes, a Weyland family trait
shared by many of Louis and Catherine's
descendants to this day.
The first house owned by Emmet and Alice, where their two children,
Lewis and Katherine, grew up.  
The magnificent home into which Emmet and Alice moved in 1913.  This is a recent photo of
the home, as it looks today, lovingly maintained in pristine condition by two of their great-
grandchildren, Wayland and Judy, who reside there to this day, along with Judy's husband,