My Grandfather Wilson M. Weyland was murdered in Atoka, OK when my mother
was 16 years old.  Throughout the years afterward, all touch with the Weyland
family disappeared, as not much was known other than that they had come from
Germany and settled in Boonville, MO.   We often wondered about our heritage and
the people who had come to this land to begin a new life, but my Mom (Gem
Weyland Lee 1925 - 2003) never really talked much or seemed to know much other
than they had come from Germany.

Whether in a moment of clarity in 2003 just before she died, or whether she decided
to tell what she knew, Mom gave me her grandfather's name (Herman P Weyland)
and told me the names she could remember, of his siblings.  She told of when she
was little,  and he would come to celebrate her birthday each year as his was
January 1st and hers was January 31st.  She said she would always remember that
and indeed she had, for 78 years.

Within 48 hours of posting an inquiry on, Mr. Tim Varney of Albany,
NY answered my 48 years of questions, and literally handed me my heritage.  For
the first time in 48 years, I finally saw a photo of my grandfather Wilson M. Weyland,
and was able to not only walk into the hospital and show the photo to Mom, but tell
her the entire story of Louis and Catherine Weyland, and that he was a prominent
citizen and carriage maker in Boonville, MO.  What a wonderful gift you gave us,
Tim!  I am indebted forever, as I re-live the look on Mom's face when I showed the
photo of her father to her, and the photos of Louis and Catherine.

Jim and Nancy Weyland, owners of Weyland Furniture Store in Boonville,
MO........after calling you out of the blue and announcing that I was a long, lost
relative, you have taken me in, provided any answer you possibly could, and yes,
made me feel such a part of your family - you have become wonderful friends and I
am still hoping to get there in the Fall of 2006 to finally meet you.  God Bless you

Brian Lambert......a total stranger who e-mailed me one day after finding my e-mail
address pertaining to Herman P. Weyland......yes Brian, you are family.  You have
worked tirelessly and diligently on our behalf, and continously provided much
needed words of encouragement and wisdom.  Thank you Brian, for finding me and
helping me.  Indeed, you're family.

Traci Wilson-Kleekamp.........on the off chance I might find a photo of one of the
wagons, I contacted you through your Ravenswood website and learned so much
more than what I had already found.  Traci - you're such a powerhouse, and I thank
you for all your help and encouragement.

Deborah was so awesome to recieve your e-mail stating that you too,
are the great granddaughter of Louis Weyland....I appreciate your photos and the
stories from Grandmother Stella.  How wonderful to still have someone to tell the
memories, and I hope to be able to put as many of them on this site, as Miss Stella
wants to tell.

EVA know, don't ya sister?  Your willingness to take on this
website and listen to us all and try to work with us ROCK sister,  and I
owe you more than I can ever repay.  Thank you from us all, for taking on this fiasco
and doing the awesome job you have done.

MOM......I love and miss you terribly.......and to those who have gone before us
all......... we're going to try and tell the story and we're going to try and get it right.  
You were wonderful,  and we're so honored to follow your lead.....
Becky Lewis
    March, 2006  
     Gem Weyland Lee