Cozelia Weyland was born in Boonville, Missouri, on August 3, 1883, the
first-born child of George Weyland and Sophia Heckerman Weyland.  Persuing a
career in nursing, she worked as an O.R. nurse at the hospital in Clinton, MO for
a number of years.  Totally dedicated to her work, Cozy was what folks back
then referred to as a "spinster".  She was married late in life to a man named
Alexander Rosenthal.  Shortly afterward, they returned to his home, in Nebraska.

In 1925, the couple made the trek west to the Willamette Valley, in Oregon.  They
were accompanied by Albert Rosenthal, Alexander's youngest son from his
previous marriage.  The family settled in the tiny hamlet of Latham, in the
southern part of Lane County, where Cozy's husband found work as a cabinet
maker.   Latham was eventually absorbed by the nearby town of Cottage Grove.

Finding herself trapped in an unhappy marriage, Cozy eventually divorced her
husband.  She had given birth to no children of her own.  We have to wonder
why she didn't leave Oregon at that time and return to her family, back east.  In a
1940 letter to her Aunt Alice (Lilly Alice, wife of Louis Frederick Weyland), she
spoke of her longing to return home to Missouri.  But she remained in Oregon,
living out her life alone, dedicated to her nursing career and to her volunteer
work in the community.  

Cozy passed away in Cottage Grove on August 2, 1966, one day before her 83rd
birthday.  Her remains were cremated.  Below is Cozy's obituary, taken from the
local newspaper.  If you "click" on the envelope below, it will open and you will be
able to read Cozy's letter to her Aunt Alice.
Cozy Weyland
Cozy's Obituary