Katherine Weyland was born Katherina Weiland on June 5,
1834, in the small town of Diethardt, in what is now Germany.  
At the time, it was located in the Duchy of Hesse-Nassau.  She
was the daughter of Johann Wilhelm Weiland and Anna Maria
Ulrich.  Like her parents before her, she was baptized into the
Evangelical Church.  

On August 14th, 1852, Katherine's parents received
permission from their government to emigrate to America.  
Apparently, upon arriving in New York, they traveled directly to
Boonville, Missouri.  At that time, Boonville was on the edge of
the western frontier.  It is almost certain that the Weilands
moved there in order to join friends or family members who
had gone before them and had already settled in Boonville.  
That part of Missouri was already home to many German
immigrants.  Shortly after her arrival in America, Katherina
anglicized her name, changing it to Katherine.

The Weiland family originated in the tiny village of Rettert.  
Katherine's father was born & raised in Rettert.  He moved to
the nearby village of Diethardt, where he married Katherine's

The following two pages contain photos of those two villages,
as they look today.  Page four contains an additional photo of
Catherine.  It's an old tintype photo, taken when Katherine was
Katherine Weyland