Family Photos
This lovely home was built in 1915 by Col. Wayland as a wedding gift for his
daughter, Katherine and her new husband, Dr. Edgar Berryman.  The entire
home was furnished, top to bottom, by the groom's parents.
Lt. Edgar Berryman, with Katherine's brother, Lt.
James Lewis Wayland, on leave in Missouri, 1917
This is a rare photo of  Dr. Berryman, with General John Pershing in the
chair.  While stationed at General Pershing's headquarters at Chaumont,
France during the First World War, Dr. Berryman became Pershing's
personal dentist.  On his very first visit, according to Dr. Berryman, the
General got right to the point.  "Captain," he said, "I outrank you, but
from here on, I'm at your mercy."  Both men laughed.  Then, the General
sat down in the chair and, in Dr. Berryman's own words, "I went to work."
1st Lt. Berryman with baby Betty Ann,
while home on leave in Piedmont in
At home with Joe, Robert and Betty
Ann in 1929
Dr. Berryman with sons Robert and Joe in
1948.  Joe had just gotten out of the Army.
Robert was attending Wentworth Military